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This internet thing is amazing isn’t it? It has allowed for so many huge changes in the last ten to fifteen years.

Probably the best thing about it is that it allows us to communicate in ways we never would’ve before. The internet has even been the catalyst for a whole new set of vocabulary words…

Ten years ago, we would have laughed at these word let alone the things they do: 

Skype? Twitter? Dribbble?

I, along with the other CMB-ites, want to meet you. Let’s take this internet thing seriously. Let’s see a community built around the things we’re talking about here at CMB.

Share with us any or all of the following five things in the comment section below:

  • Name
  • Where you live (You can just say the state or the country if you’re paranoid…)
  • What are currently listening to?
  • Your favorite song of all time
  • What changes do you hope to see this year in your music making/creative pursuits?

This is easy! Just introduce yourself. Comment below!


  • Melody Monroe

    Hi! My name is Melody Monroe! I am an independent recording artist from Greensboro, NC. I have been listening to a lot of jazz and neo-soul lately. I could not possibly choose a favorite song of all time, but some of my favorite albums include “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”, Kierra Sheard’s first album, “The Faith” by Da’ T.R.U.T.H., and Hillsong United’s “United We Stand.”

    Personally, I hope to get on the right track to full-time musicianship this year. I have been in school and haven’t been able to dedicate myself to it as much as I would like to. My plans are for that to change this year!

    • Nate

      Hey Melody! Really glad to have you with us!

  • Andrea C Parker

    Name Andrea C Parker
    Where you live (You can just say the state or the country if you’re paranoid…) Lynchburg, VA
    What are currently listening to? Love Displayed Liberty Campus Band
    Your favorite song of all time It is Well
    What changes do you hope to see this year in your music making/creative pursuits? I hope to see more songwriting, more songs cut, and getting back to singing – maybe even start a new CD

    • Nate

      Thanks for introducing yourself Andrea! Are you a student at Liberty?

  • Soul Direction1

    Looking forward to connecting with everyone, and learning what others are doing .

    • Nate

      Nice! Same here… CMB is all about learning from each other.

  • Bongo

    Hey! My name is Bongo Kabingesi from Johannesburg, South Africa and I am a devoted disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ! I am a member of the International Churches of Christ and I’m really excited to get started with this site! When I saw it’s Youtube video a while ago I had a feeling of “Something awesome this way comes” so here I am. I am a songwriter dominantly but I also sing and am starting my hand at Producing (Just a couple instrumental tracks nothing major)
    Favorite song of all time is pretty hard considering I listen to nearly every genre I can get my hands on! What I would love to birng to the attention of the World is Gospel House Music. now, don’t lose me ere there is Northern Hemisphere House and South African house. South African house issome of the most soulful music any human wil have the pleasure of hearing! I am excited to meet you all. Please feel free to email me

    • Nate

      Bongo! Hey man. Also received your voicemail. Thanks for reaching out dude! Glad you’re with us. Did you sign up for the giveaway? Definitely don’t miss out on that! :-)

  • Randy Fahrendholz

    Hi Randy Fahrendholz here. I Live in Sanford, NC . I have been the worship leader at Bethel Church, Fuquay Varina for almost five years. In my 17 years of leading worship my passion has always been to lead people to connect with Jesus in worship. Love what you are doing with this site. Strengthening and encouraging others to hone their craft, to keep growing and most of all, stay passionate for Jesus.
    Currently listening to lot of Jesus Culture and Bethel Church out of Redding CA. My musical roots go back to the 70’s and I still have a weak spot for Neil Young and Springsteen!
    In the beginning stage of praying about and planning a live worship recording for next year.

    • Nate

      Hi Randy! So honored to have you join us bro. Means a ton!!

  • Elizabeth

    Hey everyone and Nate…
    I’m Elizabeth. I’ve grown up and am still living overseas. (sorry… no place name for you all :-P). Right now I’m in music courses, and so I’m listening to every artist and genre on earth… (well not quite, but I’m hearing a very wide range). What I am choosing to listen to myself recently is a lot of Manafest, Thousand Foot Krutch, Coldplay, Lecrae, and a mismatch of mainstream rap-metalists. My favorite song tends to change every now and then, right now it is Runaway by Manafest. I love lots of his newest stuff, but that song really moves me a lot.
    This is my last year in college studying music, so I am hoping to learn a lot, and really get prepared to let loose in songwriting when I’m done. I am working on writing songs, a lot actually, but the main thing right now is learning. And I promise, I’m learning A LOT!!! :) I’m planning to go into rap-rock genre, with R&B mixed in too. So most of what I’m learning is centered around computerized production.
    Looking forward to interacting and learning with other songwriters here :)

    • Nate

      Hey Elizabeth! Glad you shared that. I didn’t know you were into Rap/Rock. Very cool!!

  • Connie

    Hi, I’m Connie, and I live in Fayetteville, NC. Listening to a lot of Jesus Culture lately. Can’t give you a favorite song because I have so many favorites I’d be pondering a long time!

    I’m back on the worship team at my church where I’m one of the keyboard players. This year I hope I can take myself off songwriting hiatus and start writing again…I think it’s time to stretch into some new territory with that. But the main thing is putting the gifts Jesus has given me back into His wonderful hands and seeing how He wants me to use them through me. Through many many years of being musical and being a Christian I have learned that my identity is not that of a Christian musician or songwriter-my identity is that I am a child of God and I am loved by Him whether or not I ever play or write a note. He’s so good!

    • Nate

      Connie! Great to have you with us. Really excited to hear about how songwriting is coming back for you. And of course…. the identity thing is right on. I really believe the more we figure that out, the more creative we’ll actually be as a result… Fascinating. But it’s the basics of the Kingdom… The way up is down… first will be last, greatest is least… you know…

  • matreames

    I am mathew reames. I hail from Lawrence, KS where I am on staff at a small church. I am the worship leader, and I serve on the missions board.

    • Nate

      Hi Matthew,
      Thanks for dropping by man. Do you write songs too?

  • standingupforJC

    Hey! I’m Maria Rachel Gutierrez Rodriguez. I live in the Philippines. I listen to the music of Hillsong United (especially Joel Houston), Chris Tomlin, Drew Ley, Jon Bauer, Jared Anderson, Hawk Nelson, Satellites & Sirens and oh so many more. My favorite song of all time is “With Everything” by Hillsong Live. I’ve been singing for the Church for a few years now, but I consider writing my first song this year.

    • Nate

      Hey Maria! How exciting about your first song! We hope CMB can be a source of encouragement and practical help as well. Blessings!

  • Chris Haines

    Hey there everyone. My name is Chris Haines, originally from Southampton, UK, but currently living in Porto, Portugal.

    I’m a songwriter / recording artist, and have just released my second full-length album, Seven Stars.

    I’m also part of a church plant here in the city of Porto, leading worship for our small but growing congregation.

    I’m currently enjoying United Pursuit’s latest record, Endless Years.

    • Nate

      Hey Chris,
      Looking forward to hearing your new record man! Thanks for saying hi!

  • john

    Hi I am a Christian songwriter in the Boston, MA area…stumbled upon you after searching Christian songwriters in FB. I play guitar and harmonica for our Praise team, occasionally play my originals at a Christian Coffee House one of my Brothers runs in in the summer months. Would like to host some kind of Open mike, song circle thing….maybe just in my back yard..I don’t know.

    When I first became a Christian I was in a church that did not embrace contemporary christian music so it was many years before I started listen to current christian music…even though I would write my own songs then. Having said that I do love the old hymns and feel we can learn so much from them. I was weaned on Dylan and Van Morrison and stylistically aspire to those roots. One of my favorite albums is the Gospel Music of Bob Dylan that was performed by black gospel musicians back in 2005 I believe. Favorite song from there was “Pressing On”. Although I was excited when Dylan came out with his gospel music, by that time his voice was just a bit too ragged to keep me listening; but this remake of those songs was just amazing. I would highly recommend it to all. Not sure where Bob is spiritually, but that’s between him and the Lord.

    Went through a dry period of song writing for about ten years, then started to pray about it last year and since then have written about 5 or 6 new songs with a few more in the works. I find the process much slower than it used to be for me, now that I’m married and have a young son, I don’t find myself with the kind of time it takes to focus on a song in one sitting. To me it is more of a discovery now…something like sculpture, finding the hidden form in a stone. I feel like the Lord shows me something about himself and as I meditate on that, the song begins to take shape. Maybe takes a week or two until I find all the pieces and pull them together. Anyway, next step is to do some recording..that is where I usually stumble..hoping , praying that by His grace I can produce a full album.



    • Nate

      Hey John! So glad you stopped by man. That Dylan stuff was definitely awesome man. Slow Train was a fav of mine…
      I definitely hope that you’re able to find some helpful stuff through the new site, and from the other folks who are a part as well. Thanks for introducing yourself!

  • Dan

    Just a bedroom strummer. You can call me Strum and strummer. People ask me to describe the way I sing. I tell them I sing like a Tenor….Ten or Eleven notes off. Keith Green’s album No Compromise is a personal fave.

    • Nate

      Haha! Awesome man. Love Keith Green

  • Johan Laubscher

    Hi there, From South Africa , Pretoria. Worship leader for 15 years + , have been working on songwriting specifically last few years , and feel really inspired to write more and more. Have managed to finished my first demo recording , and working getting more demos done soon. My main influences are rock, hard rock , classic and folk rock and christian contemporary. Fav artists: Third day,Jeremy Camp, Steven Curtis Chapman, Rez band, Bob Dylan…
    thanks for this site. Looking forward to see great resources. God bless.

    • Nate

      Hi Johan! Great to hear about you getting into writing. Are you on Soundcloud?

      • Johan
      • john

        Nice track on soundcloud..great voice Johan

      • Dan

        Very nice song and smooth sound

      • Johan

        wow, thanks Nate (and Dan) . glad you liked it !
        still it being my first demo though with limited resources using only an iPad , so still a lot to learn(and to spend) for me :)..Can’t wait for those recording 101 resources…will be of great help…

      • Nate

        That was an iPad? How did you hook up everything?

      • Johan

        sorry mixed up the names there guys ,
        I meant thanks to John and Dan… :)

      • Johan

        Hi Nate, I used an IO dock for ipad & which is basically just an interface for guitar & microphone, midi etc. However for some reason I struggled getting good sound for the vocals using the Dock and normal dynamic mic. So ended up doing all vocals using the build in mic of the ipad :) , which surprisingly worked pretty well at right angles. I used Multitrack DAW app on ipad to do all the recording… great app.

  • Brock McGinnis

    Hello all!
    My name is Brock McGinnis, I am 19 and I am from Indiana, Pennsylvania (I was directed to this site by a link Mark Altrogge posted on Facebook!). I have been making music for almost 5 years and, not long after learning G, C, Em and D on my guitar, became very involved with leading worship at my church.
    I listen to a lot of David Crowder, Rend Collective Experiment, Mat Kearney and Mike Mains & the Branches. But there is a good chance that if you were to pause my Spotify at a random moment that it would be playing the Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20 or any number of ’90s alternative bands. I may have to put my favorite song of all time as “All I Can Say” by David Crowder.
    I would say that I want to actually do something with my music. I write a lot of music–both “worship” and, as I would call it “worshipful,” but others would call it singer-songwriter. The problem is that I am not in an area that I can easily get my music out into the public ear… In short, I have a lot of songs on my laptop that may never be heard unless I am physically playing them myself.
    Peace of Christ to you all!

    • Nate

      Hey Brock! Glad you found us… Thanks for dropping in to introduce yourself!

  • Kaitlin Geddis

    Hi I’m Kaitlin I live in Seattle, right now I’m listening to Mindhead’s How not to Get There. I can’t pick a favorite song but my favorite band is Paramore. For me A big thing this year is just writing cause I haven’t been for a few years.

    • Nate

      It’s hard for me to pick a fav song as well. Too many! Glad to hear that you’ll be getting back into the swing of writing this year Kaitlin!

  • Ben

    Hi there!

    My name’s Ben Tatlow & I write Christian reflective music with my wife as Salt Of The Sound (well, Anita writes and I produce..) – it’s not strictly ‘worship’ music, more intended for times of quiet personal reflection.

    We’ve both been making music in various worship bands over the years, and I come from a more electronic music background. We’re just starting really, molding our musical style and making connections – a couple of tracks are finished & online, with the (current) aim of getting an album out in the autumn.

    Oh, and we’re based in London UK at the moment.

    Thanks for the blog & podcasts – keep up the good work! It’s great to hear how other people approach songwriting and music making.


    • Nate

      Awesome Ben! Thanks for sharing man. Leave us a Soundcloud link if you have one…

    • Nate

      Sweet! Looking forward to hearing it

  • Jeremy Tallacksen

    Jeremy Tallacksen – Rockford, IL
    Currently Listening To: Young Oceans
    Favorite Song: Probably something by U2, “Where the Streets Have No Name,” “Electrical Storm” are strong candidates.

    As simple or as cliche as it may sound, I really hope that I’ll dig in to songwriting this year. I need to grow as a songwriter, and I’m excited to see how I grow as a worship leader because of it.

    • Nate

      Very cool! Love “Electrical Storm”. Great song. Thanks for dropping in and saying hi!

    • Dan

      Hey Jeremy, I lived in Rockford for 25 years. 5 years ago I moved to Missouri. What church do you attend?

  • Therman Russell


    Therman here, writing this from Oxfordshire in England! I’m an American but live and work here in the UK.

    I love God, Jesus is my saviour and I’ve chosen relationship over religion. When you have relationship, you have power with God. Religion is a form of Godliness but lacking the power thereof.

    I’m a musician, singer and songwriter. Guitar is my main instrument but I hunt and peck on the keyboards when recording in my studio and I can program some serious drum/percussion grooves. I love playing guitar and hopefully it’s apparent in my songs. Jazz-funk is my flavour, however my writing style and taste in music is quite eclectic.

    I hear music all the time but I listen to very little. What I mean by this is that I hear a lot of music but every now and then something really catches my attention, stops me in my tracks and I can listen to it over and over again, feasting on every note, melody, chord progression, rhythmic dance and lyric until I’m satisfied that it can no longer provide me with thrill I experienced at first listen. It then becomes stored on my list of all time favourites and every now and again I’d hear the song and I’m reminded of how I felt when I first heard it.

    I’ve been writing, recording and performing my own material for quite some time now and after several years of leading praise and worship in America and the UK I feel lead of the Holy Spirit to really focus on my purpose, what I was created to do.

    So here I am! I’ve submitted a song for Nate to check out (hopefully you’ll get to hear it!) and I hope to be a blessing by touching the hearts of many (especially the lost) with my music.

    Thanks for reading this.

    God bless you.

    Therman Russell
    Oxfordshire, England

    • Nate

      Glad you’re with us Therman! Jazz-funk is a fav of mine dude. :-)

      • Therman Russell

        Glad to be on board Nate!…and don’t get me started on jazz-funk…Dude!! Mind you, I’d rather play it than talk about it, after all, the conversation that occurs between the instruments in the hands of a group of gifted musicians is all the chat I need! :-)

        What instrument do you play?

      • david shaw

        I play a 12 string guitar. I have no idea how this website works. I have written 7 songs all instumental and my goal is to get some exposure and have someone write lyrics and sing this music. Can you help me to accomplish this goal?

      • Therman Russell

        Not sure if this message was meant for me or Nate but I’ll respond anyway…

        Hi David!

        I’m focused like a laser at the moment on several projects but I’m certain there must be someone in this community of Christian musicians who can help. Keep putting the word out but most importantly seek instruction from God and let him lead you to the right person (or people).

        God bless you


  • Derek Baxter

    Hey! My name is Derek, aka Dexter. I live in Tarpon Springs, FloridaI am currently really into Gungor (currently for about the past 3 years lol) and my favorite song is Beautiful Things, by Gungor. I am currently a singer and theatre director that has been experimenting with being a yricist and writer; looking to maybe start into actually writing music too. Also, looking to network and see what collaborations can form and inspire.

    • Nate

      Fantastic! Love Gungor. Glad to have you join us Dexter!

  • Stephen

    Hey everybody.
    My name is Stephen Claybrook.
    I live in the Raleigh-Durham area of NC, where I serve as worship pastor at my church, Currently, I’m in the process of completing an independent 5-song EP – it’s Christian in that I can’t help but be who I am, but it’s not corporate worship music.
    Just this week I discovered the music of Young Oceans and Trinity Grace Church in NYC, so I’ve been listening to that a lot.
    Favorite song of all time?! I’d sooner be able to tell you which of my kids I love the most!
    My creative/musical goals this year are to release my EP and at least get a good start on a new batch of songs.
    Thanks for creating and cultivating this community, Nate.
    And nice to meet you all.

    • Nate

      Dude! So excited about your upcoming EP man! We’ll definitely do a CMB-ite Spotlight on you when it comes out… Stoked!

  • Marcio

    Hello my name is Marcio Velasquez,

    I am newly married for 5 months so far, which is pretty great. I am a christian songwriter, and started learning how to sing about a year ago. I actually started writing songs at the age of 9, or at least try to. I wrote rap songs through out Elementary, middle school, and high school, but when I got to college I started writing “gospel songs” because I felt I could express myself more through singing than rapping.
    I live in Humble, Tx. I am currently listening to Robbie Seay Band’s Rich and Poor. So far my favorite song is Baptize me in the River by the same artist. The changes I hope to see is making youtube videos of the songs I make. Go to school for music production, or for a songwriting degree, to just be closer with God and make more music that can inspire others to follow Jesus. Amen!
    PS. mad props to Nate for having this website :)

  • Zoe

    Hi all!
    I’m Zoe. Live in Rustenburg, South Africa. Currently listening to everything! Favourite song of all time changes pretty frenquently, but currently it’s Kim Walker-Smith’s rendition of ‘Bless the Lord, O my Soul’.
    Been singing with the worship band at our church for about 3 years, started writing lyrics a couple of months ago and hope to one day in the near future learn to play an instument so I can put music to the words.
    Great connecting with you all! :)

    • Nate

      Hey Zoe! Great having you. Thanks for introducing yourself!

  • Kevin Baker

    I think I know you from somewhere…just can’t place it!! Weren’t you in a band…… DEVO from the 80’s or something? Just kidding… sorry it took me so long to get plugged into CMB…looking forward to all you have to resource us with. Thanks for sharing what’s deep down inside of you bro!

    • Nate

      Haha! DEVO! Sweet man. So glad to have you on board Kevin!

  • Jason T

    Hello, my name is Jason and I am from eastern Canada. a song I am listening to frequently these days is Manifesto by The City Harmonic. I am continuing my pursuit of songwriting and improving my level of play with the guitar.

  • Pete Buchwald

    Hello everybody!

    My day job is that I’m a college professor, teaching classes in music production and related topics. But in my free time I am a songwriter and producer in the Denver area. Usually I’m writing songs in a Christian Pop style, or for modern worship.

    Huge thanks to Nate for starting up this community! I look forward to learning more about you people, and hearing your songs!

  • David Shaw

    Hi Pete. I live in Ft. Collins Colorado and I recently joined this site. I don’t know how Nate is able to have time but he has replied to my emails concerning questions about this site. I have written several songs, acoustic guitar , and would love to have someone write lyrics and sing praise to our Lord. If anyone has intrest then send a reply.

  • Jeremiah Panich

    Hello all! My name is Jeremiah, and I live in Westland, MI. I’ve been meaning to make this post for a few weeks now–better late than never, right? I’m in the final stages of recording my band’s first EP (The Remnant Worship Project) which will be available in October. I also play guitar on my church’s worship team and occasionally lead worship at church.

    Currently listening to: Rescue & Restore – August Burns Red, Kveikur – Sigur Rós, O Ransomed Son – Ascend The Hill, The Good King – Ghost Ship, Citizens – Citizens, Rehearsals – The Digital Age (patiently awaiting their full-length album), A Creation Liturgy – Gungor, Let It Be Known – Worship Central, and the CMB Podcast of course!!!

    The closest I can get you to my favorite song would be a list of my favorite bands :) here goes…. Pink Floyd, Sigur Rós, Hillsong United, Ascend The Hill, August Burns Red, Soundgarden, Audio Slave, Animals As Leaders, Thrice, Citizens, Blindside, Ghost Ship, Kings Kaleidoscope (their album Sin is quite a trip!)… I’ll stop there.

    Changes to my music making/creative pursuits: Well, I launched my blog (another resource for Christian musicians) last month so I’m hoping to remain focused on providing great content there (new territory for me). As far as music making goes, I want to begin working on my band’s next project as soon as we finish our EP.

    Thanks Nate, for all that you’re doing here! Keep it up brother, it’s an excellent resource!

    • Nate

      Hi Jeremiah! Thanks so much for being part. That’s quite a list of artists you named! Love them too!

      Leave us a link to your website!

  • Carol Fitzhugh

    Hi! My name is Carol and my Husband is Kim. We both love to sing for the Lord, but Kim has been given a special gift. He has written and arraigned Christian songs for almost 40 years. Close to 200, in fact! It would be good not to put these songs under a basket, but let them out for everyone to be blessed by them. You can hear some rough samples at If Kickstarter is funded, these and many more songs will be professionally recorded. Thanks for listening and following your heart!

    • Nate

      Hi Carol! Wow that’s a lot of songs!! Glad you’ve stopped by the blog!

  • Yvette Medina

    Hi everyone –
    My name is Yvette Medina. I began my music/song writing journey back in 2010′. While going through some tough times in my life, God began giving me music, melodies and lyrics in what I believe as a way of comfort.

    I live in Littleton, Colorado – born and raised Colorado native.

    I feel like I am currently listening to a wide variety of music. I feel like the more I write, the more I stop listening to what is out there as I try to get my own new melodies to stick… but I have been venturing out of my little bubble.. listening to some Toby Mac – always Chris Tomlin and Kari Jobe… but on the other spectrum… Lady Antebelum, Miranda Lambert…. went to a 1920’s themed wedding over the weekend with LOTS of 20’s music… as they veered into the 80’s… Men at Work and even Nena – “99 Red Balloons Go By” that I can now NOT get out of my head…

    Favorite song of all time? That’s tooooo hard… But “Beulah Land” is one that always touches me deep within… even to tears…. which is what I am trying to accomplish with my music… write songs that touch the soul. I want to FEEL something again. I just don’t feel like music of today touches me anymore, and I really want that back.

    I have finished one CD – “I Cling to Jesus” and am looking for more ways to promote it. I have started my second CD which will be titled “So What” and have 5 songs so far completed which I am very excited about. I am trying very hard to get a different sound for this album… and it’s a little more up beat. But in this album, I try very hard to explain the “So What” – what this whole Christian life is all about – and why we believe what we believe.

    Here is where you can find me… – FaceBook – Twitter

    That’s it about me – except that I absolutely LOVE the CMB – Christian Music Blog!
    So excited to be here!

  • Billy Davis Jr

    Hello Everyone

    My Name is Billy Davis Jr. Im a songwriter/artist/producer. Reading the comments above has been very encouraging. Im Encouraged to know that many people all over love the Lord and Love writing and singing for his glory!. About me, I’ve been playing music for 13 years. I’ve been writing songs for a while now but just this year I started to start sharing what God has Placed in my heart. My Desire is to SOW Gods word to my corner, the world, and to assist other christians in bringing their life songs to Life. I was really excited to stumble across CMB because it was a desire in my heart. I believe that God will do amazing things through the thread of worship here. God Bless you All!!!

    visit the website, like us on Facebook. We’ll be putting out singles Soon

  • Kenneith Strader

    Hey!!! I am a Singing/ Song Writer from Toledo, IL!!!! (Not OH, Yes IL). I have Been Writing Songs for a little while now. I write christian contemporary. I would Have to Say my favorite music of all time comes from the Newsboys, and there latest song “Live With Abandon” is pretty much my mission in life. We have to reach the world no matter what, that is why we are alive!!!!. I plan on writing more songs as time goes by and posting them on my youtube channel. God is the formost reason that I do what I do. If nothing ever happens with my music I will still write for God not man. But if my music reaches out and touches just one person, the hours I spend writing songs would be worth it. I have recorded a few songs using my church sound system and they sound ok. Here is the link
    I also have a facebook fan page!!! This will keep people up to date on my music!!!
    I hope that one day this Blog will allow us to create profiles almost like facebook so we can actually interact a little better!!! Can’t Wait for Forums!!!

  • earthner

    Hi all, I’m an earthner (citizen of earth), a Christian in love with any music decent, God-centered and lovely. Also a composer(without music). Would love to aid in creating brilliant tunes fit for angels.

  • Matt Wheeler

    ◾Hi! I’m Matt Wheeler.
    ◾I’m from Mount Joy, PA, which is in Lancaster County. I’m bearded, but no, I’m not Amish.
    ◾I was actually just listening to Lisa Loeb’s ’90’s classic “Stay”. But normally, Wilco, Kings of Convenience, Jars of Clay’s new album, Great Lake Swimmers, and Derek Webb’s new album. In fact, I came upon the CMB podcast because I’m opening for Derek on 9/28 in Manheim, PA and checked out his Twitter feed, which had the link to his interview with you.
    ◾Favorite song of all time? Either Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” or Jars of Clay’s “Worlds Apart”.
    ◾This year, I hope to be able to continue to improve my songwriting and play fewer gigs, but higher quality gigs. Most importantly, I want to bless people with the gifts God has graciously given me.

    • Nate Fancher

      Really great having you Matt! Thanks!

  • Stephen & Lee Preston

    Name: Stephen and Lee Preston
    Location: Cleveland TN
    Currently Listening To: The Rend Collective Experiment
    Favorite Song: Too many to list!
    Hopes for This Year: Lee and I are just starting out in music ministry; and we also hope to be able to minister in the area of biblical marriage. We are not songwriters….YET! We are a vocal duo named “Two No More” (Gen. 2:24; Mark 10:8). We both have been involved in music ministry for a while separately….but God has brought us together for this purpose…..WE BELIEVE. So our hopes? Exposure; demo cd; songwriters who need vocalists; logo; website; opportunities to minister; the purchase of equipment…..the sky is the limit!!!

    • Nate Fancher

      Hello Stephen and Lee! Thanks for introducing yourselves! May God bless you as you get started in everything. It sure is an adventure! Lean into Jesus every step of the way. It’s all that matters!

  • George Bolutife

    Hi, My Name is George Bolutife. From Lagos, Nigeria. I’m basically a Songwriter (If I can call myself that). I don’t play any instruments yet, though trying to learn the Guitar but have issues with placing my fingers and I am passionate about strings and by God’s grace, I have written over 60 songs from when I started writing but then putting things in order, I think about 20 or so fit my cut of being properly arranged and rhyme, not like the others are bad and I don’t have any attachment to them, I do but just that the later songs seems better and more improved than the ones I wrote when I first started out writing. I’m in the choir but I don’t consider myself a musician, as professional singing is not one of my best skills though I do sing but I’m stronger at writing. My favourite music would be a bit difficult as I have been inspired by so many artists over time, Don Moen, Kirk Franklin, Michael W. Smith, Fred Hammond, I love Anthem Lights, ” Can’t get over you” and so on, as long as the music has plenty of strings, a good melody and well arranged, it gets my attention (very good music basically). I hope to re-ignite my song writing which I left off for a while as the last time I wrote anything would be in 2009. I believe this site would help me interact with like minds and also help me get back on my feet as regards song writing. Thank you for this site and God bless you.

    • Nate Fancher

      Hello George!

      Thanks for dropping in and saying hello!

  • Lindsay Baumgartner

    Hi Nate, My name is Lindsay. I’m from Niangua, Missouri. I’m a 25 yearold – who’s married, and has 2 perfect sons <3. :) I'm a musician, songwriter, and singer. I've been playing music all my life, but fell out of it as a teenager. I don't have the perfect voice, but the songs that I write I know God gave me the words to someday share with people. There is no doubt in my mind. Now – Just to find the courage! :) My musical influences are probably not your typical christian writer influences. I love Duran Duran. Their musical abilities were mind blowing in their prime. I also love Goo Goo Dolls, Josh Groban, David Gray and many more. Have a great day. Take Care!

    • Nate Fancher

      Hey Lindsay! So glad you stopped by to say hi!

  • Jon White

    My name is Jon White and I live in New Jersey. I’ve been writing songs for almost 10 years. My music influences are Paul Baloche, Hillsong, Casting Crowns and I’m sure there are others. As a worship leader, I have heart for the Lord and His people. I have a strong desire to help bring His people into a holy place, where,perhaps they’ve never been. Over the past year or so, the tugging of my heart has been to start a music ministry. I have no idea where it is headed, I’m really just trying to listen and obey! However, music and songwriting are my sword & shield for the Great Commission! I’ve been collaborating with a band from The Dominican Republic. I simply send them acoustic & vocals, and they send me back a full sound. Once the songs are complete, the plan would be to head the studio. Lately I have been feeling strongly about songwriting collaboration with saved, like-minded folks that have the same passion & mission.

    • Nate Fancher

      Hey Jon! Grateful to have you a part of the CMB community! Excited to hear that you’re collaborating with others. Definitely an important thing to do!

  • David Stevens

    Hi my name is David Stevens from Branson, Mo. A song writer of sorts for the past 15 years. I have a Christian Contemporary Folk style if there is such a thing LOL. Just trying to figure out what to do with a song once its complete other than copyright. This seems like it might be just the forum for that….

    • Nate Fancher

      Hi David! Thanks for dropping by to introduce yourself! Funny you should mention forum… I’m planning to get a private one up for members only probably early next year. Stand by!

  • Dick Taylor

    Hello Nate, I’m 84 years of age and humbly desire to leave a musical footnote to the glory of God and His Church. With God’s blessings and inspiration , I have written a spiritual musical JOURNEY depicting the life and times of King David of Israel. THe dynamics and imagery of the piece,(The Shepherd Boy), follows the course of a standard bell shape curve, i.e., Life’s innocent youthful beginnings, swelling to the tumultuous years of test, then receding into the ebbing and wistfulness of advancing years. The life stages represented are; Innocence, Awakening, Illumination, Communion, Sorrow, Intense sorrow, Forgiveness, Victory, Ebbing of life, Death knell, Peace, Ascension. and HOME FOR SUPPER. Robert Hamilton, noted concert pianist and music professor at Arizona State University, upon hearing it replied, ” I am touched by the beauty of your piece and the harmonization and the way it was played . . . ” I’m reaching out to the Believers world with the hope that you might have some suggestions as to the birthing of the work. Thank you for any consideration. To listen, click my Profile link or on my name above and search for the”Shepherd Boy” post. Thanks for listening.

  • Jon Minei

    Hi Nate! Jon Minei here from Irvine, CA. Lately I’ve been eyeball deep in the album released by the Gospel Goalition called Songs for the Book of Luke. Haven’t heard songs this good in a long long while. I’m a doctoral candidate in classical guitar at USC, I own a music school, I teach part-time at the local college, I lead worship at my church, and I have a beautiful wife and a (almost) one year old at home. Needless to say I’m pretty busy all the time but by God’s grace I’ve just been so blessed this year to serve the Lord and to grow in my ministries. My hope is that if the Lord wills, to soon be teaching at a University where I can expand my witness and raise up a new generation of worshipers and songwriters!

  • disqus_Ki4aHkEQRI

    My name is Mike but I go by “Didactic” or “Dide”. I live beside Toronto and am currently listening to Christian rappers on reverbnation. I do not have a favourite song of all time. That’s like asking God to choose His favourite human. Considering I’m planning on getting married this year, I just hope I can continue getting closer to the goal I’ve had since being saved; that is, complete my first studio album.

    • Nate Fancher

      Hey Mike! Thanks for dropping by CMB bro. Keep us posted on that album!

  • Kim:Farms and Fields

    Hi Nate, First of all, what a really great site! I just found it this morning. Secondly, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kim and I’m working on a music project (best way I can describe it) with my husband called Farms and Fields based from Mark 4:26-27. I call it our way of throwing Scriptural seeds into the internet wind. :) We offer it completely free to anyone who cares to listen: sound doctrine set to contemporary/pop Christian music. While it’s hard to say which song(s) is my favorite, I appreciate most anything from Mark Altrogge and Bob Kauflin, Indelible Grace, etc. What I’d like to see is more “pure milk” in the musical content. Thank you for hosting this, Nate!

    • Nate Fancher

      Hi Kim! Thanks so much for dropping by and saying hello! Did you join our mailing list?

      • Kim:Farms and Fields

        Hi Nate! I did, I believe. Thanks for asking! :) Really enjoyed the interview with Mark Altrogge. :)

  • Rob Carter

    Hey Folks,
    Forgive me if this ends up showing up twice. came up blank the first time so I’m redoing. My name is Rob Carter and I’m an independent Christian artist based in Thomaston, CT. Hoping to start playing out more again this year, but I’ve got a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 month old (and an awesome wife!) I’ve recorded 6 CDs but I’m feeling very blessed that the Lord has made a way for me to get the last 2 online at many of the major download sites! Very exciting! Been listening to a lot of my own stuff lately because I just released my latest and I’m obsessing over what I could have done better;-). one of my favorite songs of all time is “You Bless Me” by Darrell Evans off of Freedom. Hoping to get a tight sounding band doing all the harmonies and instrumentation that I do myself on the records. First and foremost, I want to worship God, encourage believers and lead others to him! Really pumped to get networked with other artists to help work through some of the struggles I’ve been experiencing of late, so thanks Nate for your invaluable ministry!

    • Nate Fancher

      Thanks Rob for saying hello! Stoked to hear more from you!

  • Jimmie Bratcher

    Hey y’all,

    I am Jimmie Bratcher
    Live in KC
    I am currently listening to Solomon Burke, Candi Staton, Vintage Trouble
    All time fav song, Axis Bold as Love, Hendrix, Take Me Back Andre Crouch
    As for changes, I would like more non-church venues open to us. We do some now I am always wanting more.

    I’m looking forward to the community. Thank you!


    • Nate Fancher

      Hey Jimmie. Thanks so much for dropping by the site and introducing yourself. May God lead you as you look at new venues to play in. I can definitely relate to that desire. Thanks again for saying hello!

      • Jimmie Bratcher

        Thanks Nate for the note. I look forward to the community.

  • Joshua Sarabjit

    Hey CMB.
    I’m so glad i found you guys.
    My name is Joshua, I’m 20 years old. I am an aspiring songwriter. I live in New York.
    I play guitar and I am an aspiring vocalist. I am working on a Worship Cover-song CD this year, hopefully i can send it out to all of you wonderful people when i’m finished. I look forward to growing with all of you as we have embarked on a journey together. Thank you Nate! and Thank you CMB. You guys are awesome.
    I am so grateful.

    • Nate Fancher

      Hey Joshua! Great meeting you. How’s that worship cover project coming?

  • James Simmons

    Hey guys, my name is James Simmons and I am a singer/songwriter/staff worship leader in Eldridge, Iowa. I am listening to a lot of Bryan and Katie Torwalt lately and one of my favorite artists for the last year or so has been Ben Rector. I write, sing and play but don’t necessarily want to be a performer. I am in the middle of recording a 3 songs EP right now and I am really enjoying it but what I love most is writing. I would love to be a professional songwriter. I have been researching what that looks like and what a person needs to follow that path. I have long way to go but God has put it in my heart so I look forward to the day he puts it all together. In the meantime I have been working to be more consistent with writing exercises and writing time in general so that I can improve as a writer. Looking forward to getting plugged in here. I read the article about Evernote, downloaded it on my PC and phone, and I’M LOVING IT! Thanks Nate!

  • Sara Quah

    Hi everyone. My name is Sara Quah, and I live in Normal IL, which lives up to its name. I am a singer/songwriter just starting to dip my toe into this business; working on an EP now, which is absolutely thrilling. I am listening to Judah and the Lion a lot right now, but my all time favorite song ever (oh can I choose?) is “Into the Mystic.”

  • Benjamin Laughton

    Hey everyone…My name is Ben Laughton. I’m a singer/songwriter and worship leader in Pittsburgh, PA. Over a year ago, my wife and I completed our first studio album together, which was an awesome experience. I have quite a few more songs I’d like to record in the near future, with God’s help! I’m currently listening to Bob Marley in honor of summer, and the Frozen soundtrack to appease my young daughters : ) My favorite song is “Grace’s Amazing Hands” by Dave Barnes. In this year, I would like to continue to craft more songs, and record another album. I feel the need to spread the music the good Lord’s given me to more people, so I hope to find ways to do so this year.

    I’m very excited to have stumbled upon this blog! I really look forward to growing and sharing what God has given us all.

    Take care!!

    • Nate Fancher

      Hi Ben! Thank you for dropping by and saying hi! Man I love me some Bob Marley…. Let me know how I can help you during your journey man.

  • duncandoughty

    hey I am Duncan I have written like 10 songs got one called I been loved which you can listen to at east gate union church louth site but so im a song writer i need some feedback please and if anyone can help me get on my feet and get my songs on you tube thank for reading from Duncan doughty , email me at to tell me what you think i should do thanks again dd

  • Gene Wallace

    Hello, I,m BrotherGene Ihave been a singer songwither for the last 7 years,,,many people love the music I do..But here were it gets bad many churchs will not let me play.Thay say its not gospel and not of god but sum chuechs love it…I even played in sum bars here and there,,LOL yes Barsw and thay love it,,,I have come to know many frieds over the years.. I have tried to get my music out there but most of the places just what your money and you get nothing…So I have been going to the streets,,Bars,,churchs that will let me play…its been hard but not realy going anywere…I will tell the truth I have got more go get them from drunks then churchs..You now its not far.The music I do is truth and real and most of all about a real god..But all I get is doors closed in my face and yes I play bars or anywere the lord sends me…But it gets tireing and theres times I,d like to walk away,,just looking for a brake someone who feels like I do,,,you can find what I do at I help any one who needs it its anyone feeling the way I do?????